CSA Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About CSA at Verrill Farm

What exactly is CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, which has become a popular way for consumers to purchase fresh fruit and produce directly from a local farmer. Each season, the farmer will offer a set amount of “farm shares” for sale to the general public. Each farm share serves as a “membership” for a weekly allotment of the farm’s harvest over a designated season (our CSA runs for 20 weeks – beginning in June and ending in October). Members visit the farm each week to pick up their share. The offerings in a CSA share will change throughout the season based on what crops are being harvested.

Why should I choose Verrill Farm CSA?

We take pride in growing the freshest, best tasting fruit and produce for our members to enjoy, while practicing sustainable farming practices that promote the long term conservation of our precious land base. We are proud to invite our members out to the farm each and every week so that you can understand and trust exactly how and where your food is coming from.

How much variety can I expect in my share?

The overall variety available each week will vary based upon the season. In the spring, your share will consist primarily of early greens and root vegetables (think salads). In the summer and fall months, the variety offered will increase drastically and some weeks you will have choices of close to 20 different items to fill your share with. In addition to a wide variety of crops grown on the farm, we also grow a wide range of varieties within certain crops. For crops like corn, tomatoes, peppers and potatoes, you’ll have the opportunity to try different varieties of each crop throughout the entire season.

When does Verrill Farm CSA Start?

Our CSA program typically begins in mid June and runs for 20 weeks, ending in late October.

What crops do your grow for CSA?

With the exception of a few limited or very labor intensive crops (asparagus, cherry tomatoes, peas), our CSA members will typically have access to the full array of crops that we grow throughout the season as they become available. Typically, CSA members will also have the opportunity to pick their own strawberries and flower bouquets a few times each season.

How does CSA pick-up work?

Depending on your share type, members will visit the farm on their designated pick-up day on a weekly basis. Full and Half share members will be presented with a list of items that are available for pick-up that week and will have the option to select which items to fill their basket with. We try to give members as many choices as possible so that you can fill your share with items that you like to eat!

How big is a typical CSA share each week?

Full share members will receive a 16 quart wicker basket to load their share into each week. Half Share members will receive an 8 quart bucket to fill each week. This basket serves as your share size “limit”. Once your basket is full, you have met your limit. In addition to your basket, there are additional items that will be allowed outside of the basket throughout the season (melons, pumpkins, etc.). Depending on the season, Full and Half shares will typically consist of 10-15 different items each week (larger share during summer months, smaller during the spring and late fall). 

Do CSA members receive discounts and promotions?

We have calculated that CSA members save about 20% on Verrill Farm produce versus purchasing the same produce in our farm stand. Additionally, CSA members receive access to specials, pick-your-own opportunities and much more!

Can I split my share with someone else?

Yes, absolutely! Members are welcome to split their share with someone else. We will leave it up to manage how you would like the split your share up. We have found that it is often easiest to simply alternate pick-up weeks with your share partner. If you decide to both pick-up each week, we simply ask that you arrive/check-in together.

What if I can't pick-up on my designated day?

If you are away or can’t pick-up, you are welcome to give your share to a friend or neighbor. Alternatively, let us know and we are happy to donate your share for the week to Open Table in Maynard.

What if I don't like certain vegetables?

While CSA is a fantastic way to try some new vegetables, we understand that not everyone likes every item! For that reason, we try to give our Full & Half shares as many choices as possible. Our “market style” CSA share means you get to choose the items you’d like to fill your basket with and you don’t need to take items that you aren’t interested in. 

What does sustainable agriculture mean?

After farming the same land for over 100 years, we are committed to preserving the same land for hundreds of years more! Learn all about our commitment to sustainable agriculture.

How has Covid-19 made lasting changes on our CSA?

In 2020, we saw a spike in demand for CSA shares during the onset of the pandemic. As a result, we have increased our plantings and are now offering two different pick-up days to accommodate additional members. Safety remains a top priority. For the upcoming year, you can expect:

  • As always, all Verrill Farm produce will continue to be harvested, handled and washed by gloved employees.
  • We are using a larger tented area that will allow us to space out the CSA produce better and will allow easier distancing for customers picking up their shares each week.

2022 CSA Shares Now Available

Additional CSA Questions?

Feel free to give us a call or contact us and one of our helpful team members would be happy to help!