Benefits of CSA

Verrill Farm CSA: Amazing Benefits!

In addition to supporting local agriculture and knowing and trusting where your food is coming from, there are some fantastic benefits to becoming a Verrill Farm CSA member:

Excellent Variety

At Verrill Farm we grow a wide range of crops to satisfy everyone’s tastes. We grow well over 50 different types of crops and within each crop we grow many varieties. For tomatoes alone, we grow over 30 different varieties each year! Join our CSA program and begin to enjoy the vast variety of fruit and produce that our New England climate has to offer.

Practice, Learn & Teach Healthy Eating Habits

By joining our CSA, you are making a commitment to eat A LOT of produce for the season. This is a great way to develop or reinforce healthy eating habits that can last a lifetime for you and your family!

Fresh, Great Tasting Produce

We harvest our produce fresh every day of the week during peak season. Unless you are growing produce in your own backyard, it is going to be hard to find fresher produce anywhere!

Produce That You Feel Good About

All of our fruit and produce is grown in our Concord & Sudbury fields. We practice sustainable agricultural practices and are non-GMO. We believe in knowing where your food is coming from. If you join our CSA you can watch your produce grow and will have access to our farmers each and every week! Many people ask us – “what is the secret to your great tasting produce?” – and the answer is really quite simple. We don’t take any shortcuts when grow our crops and focus on taking care of our soils. We choose varieties that are bred for taste (and not bred for transport), resulting in the superior flavor that our customers have come to enjoy and expect.

Support a Local Business

Verrill Farm is a family owned business that employs over 60 employees year round! By joining our CSA, you are helping to create a secure local food network to supply our local community, while supporting a small local business.

Enjoy Savings

On average, Verrill Farm CSA members save about 20% over retail prices over the course of a CSA season!

Weekly Recipes & Cooking Tips

All CSA members will be sent our weekly newsletter, with cooking tips and recipes for some of the featured items.

Support Local

By joining our CSA, you are supporting a local family owned business which employs over 60 full time employees and many additional part time employees – all members of our local communities. WE THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!