Seasonal Homemade Pie

Homemade Pies Made Daily from Scratch Using Fresh Seasonal Ingredients

The Verrill Farm bakery first gained popularity with local residents in 1992 when we introduced our fresh baked homemade pie. Since then, we have remained committed to baking the best tasting homemade pies that our customers have come to love and expect. From the dough, to the filling to the topping, our pie has always been made completely from scratch. Our bakery is committed to using the freshest, seasonal ingredients available to make our homemade pie each day. Because we use fresh ingredients, our pie list does change with each passing season. Make a trip to the Verrill Farm bakery today and take one of our delicious, homemade pies home to your table and taste the Verrill Farm homemade difference!

Current Seasonal Traditional Homemade Pie Offerings:

  • Rhubarb Strawberry
  • Rhubarb Raspberry
  • Rhubarb Mixedberry
  • Rhubarb Blackberry
  • Rhubarb Cherry
  • Plum Strawberry
  • Plum Raspberry
  • Nectarine Raspberry
  • Nectarine Blueberry
  • Cherry

Current Seasonal Chilled Homemade Pie Offerings:

  • Banana Cream
  • Chocolate Cream
  • Key Lime
  • Lemon Silk

Please note that all of our pies are baked in limited quantities each day and are subject to availability. To ensure that a certain pie is available, we do recommend placing an order by phone at least 48 hours prior to your desired pickup time.