Prepared Foods

Spice up your Menu with Verrill Farm Prepared Foods

Each day our chefs prepare savory entrees, soups and salads to take home to your table. In season, many of our take home meals are prepared with our own homegrown fruit and vegetables. Lasagna, macaroni and cheese, mushroom-barley soup, minestrone soup, and mini-meatloafs are a few of the meal favorites as well as complete entrees which include meat or fish, potato or rice and a vegetable. With a rotating daily menu featuring hundreds of different entrees, side dishes and salads, you can eat fresh during all of the seasons when you stop be the Verrill Farm prepared foods department. Verrill Farm prepared foods are the perfect alternative to a home cooked meal without sacraficing on taste or quality that you and your family have come to expect. Our prepared meals are perfect for those that are on the run. Stop at the farm stand and pick out your favorite meal and then heat it up when you get home. It’s that simple!

On Site or Pick up Catering Available

Verrill Farm catering is the perfect option for your next event, outing or special occasion. Our team of professional chefs prepares delicious dishes daily using only the highest quality ingredients often grown right here on our farm whenever in season. Whether you are hosting a business event or entertaining some friends, our delicious menu of baked goods, prepared foods or deli items is sure to be a big hit!