A Farm Grows in Concord
A Farm Grows in Concord - Celebrating 100 Years of Verrill Farm

We are pleased to announce the publication of our new book
A Farm Grows in Concord - Celebrating 100 Years of Verrill Farm
Verrill Farm kitchen favorites with a dash of history

The book will be available in November.

A Farm Grows in Concord is a perfect holiday gift for cookbook lovers, locals & visitors who want to take home a taste of Concord!

Background on A Farm Grows in Concord
The book began as an oral history of Verrill Farm and there were so many stories to tell that it quickly grew into a book. Mixing in recipes from the farm stand kitchen complements the history and fulfills a long standing plan to write a cook book. Publishing the book as part of our centennial celebration - 100 years of Farm to Table - also memorializes the farm's past as we look toward the future!

We hope everyone enjoys A Farm Grows in Concord!

The book is a bounty of Concord agricultural history, favorite recipes and family memories like this one of Steve's:

Sneaking Out for Ice Cream
They (Steve's parents, Amy & Floyd Verrill, who were originally dairy farmers) made their own ice cream... It was very good ice cream. I used to sneak over from school at lunch hour once in a while. I liked to get there when it was just coming out of the mixer. It was cold, but it hadn't hardened yet - almost like soft serve. After that it would go into the hardening room below zero for a number of days, and you'd never get that soft, creamy texture again. You could buy a small cone for a nickel or a big one for a dime. A sundae was thirty-five cents....

My favorite was a vanilla sundae with butterscotch and marshmallow.

A Farm Grows in Concord is published by Story Trust Publishing in Newton MA. It is a soft cover book, 8" by 8.75", 176 pages of history, photographs and 80 recipes.

Retail price: $24.95.

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